The yearly Digital Humanities conference brings together academic researchers using digital tools to solve humanities research questions. In the sciences digital technologies are embedded in each research field, but the humanities have been slower to adopt them. This year in Krakow, Poland, the Digital Humanities 2016 conference showcased and discussed […]

DH2016: What’s the relation between crowdsourcing cultural heritage and Wikimedia?

The Digital Humanities hackathon was arranged by University of Helsinki & Aalto University for the second time 16–20 May 2016. The educational event aimed to bring together students and researchers of humanities, social sciences and computer science, for a week of active co-operation in groups under the heading of Digital Humanities. Exploring […]

Historical Pasila – steps towards historical street view

Wikimaps Nordic project has now officially been completed. Nordic Culture Fund and Wikimedia Foundation have supported bringing mapping tools for historical maps to Wikimedia Commons, and creating maps activities especially in the Nordic countries. We welcome you to view the project report and to comment and propose new directions! The work continues with […]

All of Wikimaps Nordic in a report

CC0 (André Costa)
DroneArt Helsinki! was an event organized in collaboration with Wikimedia Finland, Maptime Helsinki and AvoinGLAM, where we experimented with bringing public artworks and statues into the open through Wikimedia sites. At the same time Wikimedia Sweden’s Jan Ainali, John Andersson and André Costa were visiting us. The aim was to […]

Public art from streets to the net

I spent two weeks in the UK, meeting researchers studying crowdsourcing and volunteering in arts, humanities and geographic projects. The reason for travel is my own study that is closely knitted to the Wikimaps project. Definitions or not There have been several attempts to categorize activities taking place in this […]

A travelogue